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RGA is one of the world’s leading international cluster development companies. Founded in 1998, we specialise in area regeneration and development work, and cluster mapping. We are a change agent, delivering city and region-based communication plans and strategies.

Through our regional and industrial development projects we build stronger, more resilient communities that attract investment and create new jobs on the ground. We pull out all necessary stops to drive successful ventures, through media engagement, events and motivating companies to win business.

Our work ranges from traditional consultancy services, such as economic analysis, economic forecasting and business planning, to strategic planning and delivery services, including the creation of joint ventures and business collaborations, as well as cluster and business mapping.

What makes us different?

There are many great businesses, consultants and academics that provide elements of our work, yet none offer the complete, bespoke, end-to-end smart solutions that RGA deliver. Some carry out mapping, others create partnerships but, without the methodology and toolkit to drive the project through to delivery, much of the work is left to the client. This is a recipe for failure.

Our business and networking collaboration toolkit enables our clients’ vision and strategy to be fulfilled, empowering them to win new contracts and promote the outcomes of those successes through the media and international events, such as trade fairs.

We make clients’ funds work harder, delivering greater value and energy than other organisations. Our ethics, integrity and desire to generate transformative change drive us to work harder and produce unrivalled results. We guarantee the success of our work.

We make it easy for our clients to do business. We empower Mayors, Ministers and business leaders alike, galvanising their energy into something that is owned. We facilitate the drive and momentum to take cities forward to develop transformative projects.

Our speciality is in educating industries and helping them to realise their vision. We help clients to understand their leadership potential. We hold a mirror to them and help them to transform their communications strategy, creating a narrative that is real and authentic.

Both media and clients have described our work as pioneering.  Our cluster and business mapping opportunities provide organisations with the strategic intelligence to activate new business collaborations and joint ventures, delivering new investment opportunities and creating employment. As a result our work has been widely covered in the financial press, a selection of which you can find on our home page.

Our results

Our projects have been so successful that we have been asked by clients to capture the narrative, methodology and results, as a record for other industry associations, regions, governments and organisations.  We have published two books on our work, from which peers can to learn and those involved can reflect. These works have enabled other markets to see our clients in a new and positive light.

We have doubled the profitably of organisations, created new products and services, developed new businesses and transformed underperforming regional and industrial areas. We are constantly reappointed by clients to carry out further work. You can learn more about our results in our projects section.

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