The Rodin Genoff & Associates International Cluster Training Program

Why participate in this program?

Rodin Genoff & Associates brings together an international team of exceptionally talented experts. We deliver four cluster training programs that are tailored to support your industry cluster to unlock its full potential. We show you how: by stepping your team through a process of understanding cluster dynamics and activating new business and investment opportunities for your companies; as you create new jobs, new talent.

How we engage your team

Our training approach is hands on and we provide practical case studies distilled from hundreds of companies we have worked with around the world.  We take your team and your cluster through a highly interactive process and develop practical programs that can be immediately applied to your work at hand, and directly contribute to activating investment and job creation outcomes.

How we deliver our program

One day to three day training packages for small and large groups.  We can also work with your team to tailor specific training packages and Master Classes.

Overview of our 4 program modules

  1. Putting Clusters to Work
  2. We show you how to analyse, map and build a cluster from the bottom up. We then show you how you can make your cluster stronger and deliver new research, investment, market and business opportunities for your companies.

    Our cluster methodology demonstrates how clusters can make you region and city stronger through the active generation of new jobs and investment

  3. Jobs + Investment: Creating Business Collaborations that Work
  4. This training program show you how to create new business partnerships, activate joint ventures, and forge new micro multinational companies from the bottom up by putting their global connections to work.

    Our hands on and results driven process is about helping you create new jobs and investment opportunities for your companies and in process strengthen the industrial fabric and ecosystem of your industry, region and city.

  5. Activating Your City, Your Region
  6. We show you how to unlock city and regional dynamics to support job creation, foreign direct investment.

    We explain how responsive governance structures can galvanise greater business participation and leadership in your projects.

    We show you how to build practical cross cluster and cross industry collaborations that can lead to the creation of new products and services, start ups and global market opportunities.

  7. Investing in Cleantech through the Circular Economy
  8. We demonstrate how to put the tech the tech into clean, and in the process help your companies and clusters create new research and development and global market and investment opportunities.

    This program helps you to navigate new social and commercial opportunities arising from Circular Economy thinking as we make the transition from the Green Economy1.0!

For further information please download our:

International Cluster Training Brochure International Cluster Training Brochure (1481 KB)

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