Swedish Best Practice Bio-Economy Ecosystem Mapping Project

Swedish First

In a Swedish first, Mid North Sweden’s Best Practice Bio-Economy Ecosystem Mapping Project is:

An ambitious ecosystem mapping project utilising advanced spatial and data analytics developed by Rodin Genoff & Associates to delve into the dynamics between business performance; Industry 4.0; the circular economy; and the ability of gender balanced teams to drive innovation. It applies this strategic intelligence to manufacture the region’s competitive strengths and its innovative milieu, and put 100 per cent of its talent to work.

Project Vision

Accelerate Mid North Sweden’s transition into the smart industries of the future. Mid North Sweden’s Best Practice Bio-Economy Ecosystem Mapping Project will enhance the region’s industrial and innovative fabric and connectivity between companies. This Best Practice project builds on Sweden’s Smart Specialisation priorities by:

“Strengthening the competitiveness of regions by identifying areas within which the region has a potential for growth. It is about existing areas of strength as well as developing new areas.” (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth)

About This Project

“The Dalarna Region has since July 2017 been the project owner of ‘Smart Industry Mid North Sweden’. The project is an output of the New Industrialisation Strategy that the Government established in 2015. Mid North Sweden comprises the counties of Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland. The region has agreed to implement a mapping and cluster development pilot with the focus on creating a platform for business development and strengthening of the value chains in industrial wood construction with a strong focus on circular economy and gender diversity. The target group for the sub-project include stakeholders from all parts of the ‘Smart Building’ value chain, from wood components and wood composites to design and the broader building and construction and related engineering sectors. The work primarily involves engaging with companies in Dalarna and Värmland.” (Dalarna Science Park). This project commenced in September 2019 and is due for completion in the first half of 2020.


Special thanks go to Mid North Sweden, Region Dalarna and the team at Dalarna Science Park for making this project possible and includes valuable support from the European Union. Project partners include Byggdialog Dalarna, Paper Province and Dalarna Science Park, and the region’s related industrial clusters. This project is being undertaken by Region Dalarna and its project partners in collaboration with Rodin Genoff & Associates.

For further information please open or download the project brochure or contact Rodin Genoff: rodin@rodingenoff.com

Swedish Best Practice Bio-Economy Mapping Swedish Best Practice Bio-Economy Mapping (2544 KB)

North Middle Sweden Final Report North Middle Sweden Final Report (851 KB)

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