Rodin Genoff, Managing Director (Australia and Singapore)

Rodin Genoff is Founder and Managing Director of Rodin Genoff & Associates, Pty Ltd. Sydney Australia, established in 1998. Rodin is an internationally recognised and award winning cluster development expert. His work has been widely reported in the Australian and Danish financial press and is much sought after international speaker.

He has designed and led cluster projects in Europe, Asia and Australia focusing on integrating cross cluster dynamics between sectors such as food processing, steel, engineering, electronics, IT, cleantech, industrial design and the creative industries to create collaborations between companies.

These have led to new business and investment opportunities and the formation of born global companies. Rodin has worked at executive level of government, local and regional development and lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Economics and Public Policy at the University of South Australia.

He has written several books on manufacturing, innovation and industry cluster development, was the Australian representative to the OECD LEED program between 2001 and 2006, and has served on Ministerial Advisory Boards. He is also co-founder and Global Head of Strategy for Integrative Design, a Singapore based sustainability and engineering design company. In 2013 Rodin was named by ABC Carbon (Singapore) as one of the top 100 sustainability leaders in the world for his innovative work in the cleantech and environment industries.

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