Manufacturing the Future, Denmark

The region of Lolland, Guldborgsund and Vordingborg south of Copenhagen, engaged Rodin Genoff & Associates in 2018 to be the Manufacturing the Future project’s lead consultant. Its aim was to strengthen regional industry clusters and use Rodin’s company’s collaboration and business development partnership tools to support companies to:

  • Establish new joint ventures.
  • Diversify into new national and international markets; and
  • Design and activate collaborative platforms that support research and development and the creation of new products and services.

The project also focused on engaging with companies and taking them on the journey towards:

  • Transitioning to Industry 4.0; and
  • Embracing Circular Economy thinking.
“Outstanding positive results”; external evaluator

“It is the evaluators’ assessment that Manufacturing the Future has created outstanding positive results for the local companies and, in several cases, has created increased collaboration and international outlook. MtF has achieved the two primary targets – create new collaborations and satisfied participants,” say Susanne Kruse Sørensen, director Vordingborg Erhvervand Mikkel Wesselhoff, director Business Lolland-Falster, in the Foreword to the Stage One Manufacturing the Future report.

Manufacturing the Future’s initial success led to the project being extended by several months to build on its strong results. It is now in the final stages of completion with new announcements pending. These include for example, the design and build of a circular economy house, and a circular economy publication being sponsored by ProNelli, one the project’s participating companies. It’s being launched at the Danish Architecture Centre in early 2020. And an exciting co-creation project with one of Denmark’s leading safety signage and design companies, JO Safety.

The following project summary is divided into three parts.

  1. Overview of what some of the companies had to say about working in the project and the results they achieved.
  2. Summary of key project results.
  3. Links to the Manufacturing the Future report news items.

1. Project Statements from companies participating in Manufacturing the Future. (Excerpts from the final report):

Manufacturing the Future has been an exciting process to help develop East Logistics and myself as a person,” says East Logistics CEO, Jan Koch.

“The Manufacturing the Future project has turned out to be quite ambitious,” says Inge Fisker, Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin, Sales & Marketing Manager. “We are hoping it can be translated into some very innovative and new commercial opportunities.” Watch this space.

“We are really grateful for the support we have received through the Manufacturing the Future project,” says Sara Skaaning, co-founder of the Isle of Møn Gin. “It is helping us to open our eyes to the potential we’ve created locally and where we can take it into the future.” The project team is supporting the Isle of Møn Gin to create a unique business model that will spin off a new business start-up.

“The Manufacturing the Future project team has enabled me to review my company’s strategic partnerships and develop a new business model that can leverage LeadDoubler’s commercial and creative expertise,” says Morten Matras, founder and Managing Director of LeadDoubler.

“Through the Manufacturing the Future project I’ve been inspired about new possibilities and ways of working,” says Per A. Hektoft, owner of ProNelli Scandinavia. “Especially our potential for collaboration with other companies, whether suppliers or customers. We also want to explore the potential to partner with companies that share my values around research and development, sustainability and passion for innovation. Through this project we are strengthening our strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers to support the release of a new paint range for domestic and Scandinavian markets in 2019.”

2. Manufacturing the Results. (Excerpts from the final report):

Dansk Interiør Design: Furniture design and manufacturing company
Creation of a new collaboration and design platform to be developed and launched in 2019.

East Logistics: Transport and logistics company
Formation of a new regional women’s business network comprising around 20 company CEOs and Directors.

ProNelli: Painting supplies production, sales and distribution
Strengthening of strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers to support the release of a new paint range for domestic and Scandinavian markets in 2019.

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin: Cherry wine innovator and producer
Development of a multi-collaboration platform to support synergistic marketing, branding and sales in the opening up of new markets in South East Asia.

A. Schillers Maskinfabrik A/S: Maintenance, engineering and fabrication company
Agreement has been reached to cooperate with local stakeholders and sub-suppliers on how to optimise the company’s industrial and property assets.

Lead Doubler: Software and innovative start-up company
Creation of a new start-up ecosystem to be announced.

Oceaim: Employee rehabilitation company focusing on worker stress and leadership coaching
Oceaim is collaborating with the Manufacturing the Future team to explore how to partner with key experts to develop a data optimisation project aimed at improving customer services and accelerating client rehabilitation.

Isle of Møn Gin : Innovative gin producer
Creation of a unique business model and company narrative that will spin off a new business start-up, with a launch planned for 2019.

JO Safety: Design and production of safety signs
Unlocking a co-creation process with major industry stakeholders aimed at advancing innovations in Denmark’s safety signage industry.

Kartek: Engineering, design, production and distribution of industrial fasteners
Business planning support leading to the company accelerating implementation of its business strategy, including establishment of a new office, hiring new sales staff and formalising collaboration with strategic partners, as described on the company’s new website.


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