Leanne Muffet, Principal, Strategic Planning & Environment

Leanne is an award winning integrated strategist, planner, social scientist, and project manager. Leanne has been collaborating with Rodin Genoff & Associates over the past decade and joined his team in September 2019.

She has worked at executive and senior levels, chaired national and state policy and planning committees and Boards, and advised the Australian Deputy Prime Minister’s office from 2002-2005.  

Described as transformative, her work and approach has been commended by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and the Planning Institute of Australia. She has qualifications in leadership, environmental management, sustainability, psychology, and blockchain. 

Passionate about the environment, Leanne is immersing herself in all things circular. In fact, she is collaborating with Rodin on activating circular economy projects in Australia. Leanne also runs her own regenerative business, Strategic Matters, in planning and change.

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