Industrial Renewal and Regeneration, City of Playford, Australia

Rodin Genoff's work at the City of Playford is widely seen as establishing new benchmarks for cluster and regional development.

With more than 200 companies participating in several key industry and cluster projects, major outcomes from this work over a three to four year period include:

  • Creation of Produce Direct Australia Pty Ltd - an exporting network of companies employing 350 people, exporting horticultural products to Asia. This is the creation of a true global network. Combined, Produce Direct Australia has a turnover of $230 million and was created through a food cluster strategy.
  • Assisting in the formation of a grape growers' and wine producers' association with a membership of 40 companies, which has broken into global export markets.
  • Formation of an alliance between two engineering companies that has tendered for a $5 million export contract for materials movement, storage and handling in South America. The alliance is also exploring contract opportunities in China.
  • Fast tracking the $90 million Innovation Network. This high tech hub comprises a network of 14 local and global companies and spinning off new investment opportunities. This hub has acted as a catalyst for a further $50 million investment – 21 new engineering companies are clustering in an adjacent hub called "Playford Evolution". Projected Investment on this site now stands at $140 million.
  • Establishment of a $1 million Advanced Manufacturing Design Centre, a CAD CAM bureau with a membership of 30 engineering companies.
  • Facilitation of a $100 million automotive investment.
  • Creation of Beyond Automation, a $600 million global automation and robotics company located at the Innovation Network in the City of Playford, which brings together several of the world's leading automation, software, robotics and engineering companies.

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