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The Solution Revolution

Think citizens, communities, and business engaging and working in radically new ways. This is what William Eggers and Paul Macmillan (senior Directors and Leaders in Deloitte) in their book call The Solution Revolution. Eggers and Macmillan’s book is a powerful expose of how markets “doing good” and new governance architectures are transforming the world around us.

They point out how “globally, social enterprises generated $2.1 trillion in revenue in 2012. In recent years this number has grown by 15.1 percent annually”.

The Solution Revolution reinforced to me just how important smart citizen centred governance architectures and engaged models of participation are. And just how important they’ve been to contributing to successful project outcomes I’ve worked on over years – especially in addressing issues of industrial regeneration in cities and regions.

This book has absolutely inspired me. I’d encourage you to buy it and read it. Enjoy!

Big Bang Disruption

Big Bang Disruption by Downes and Nunes, which has just recently hit the bookshelves is a must read for anyone interested in innovation, getting a start up off the ground, or wanting to know how the digital economy works. They walk you through the world of “disruptive innovation” and, indeed, the realities of “devastating innovation” – should you choose to ignore the writing on the wall!

So throw out your old ideas and dusty textbooks on innovation. Think exponential technologies: faster, smarter and cheaper – born global, born to sprint.

Forget Evereth Roger’s innovation bell curve – think “The Shark Fin” from “Big Bang”; “Big Crunch” and then “Entropy”. This is the furious pace, exponential rise and then rapid fall of new products and services. This is the world of Big Bang Disruption.

Their theory holds true – especially in the digital economy space, and raises quite serious implications for other industries; from pharma to intelligent manufacturing.

Inspirational case studies have reinforced to me just how important it is to work across clusters. And this is precisely where my own company’s successes have been greatest and returned smart profits to those companies.

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