Assistive Technology Ecosystems Mapping Project, Northern Melbourne

About This Project

Assistive Technology in an Industry 4.0 World is a project developed by Proactive Ageing in collaboration with Rodin Genoff & Associates. Special thanks go to North Link for providing the support to make this project possible. Commenced in August 2019 and is due for completion in April 2020.

Project Objectives

Map Northern Melbourne’s Assistive Technology cluster and ecosystem to determine its: innovative capability; ability to navigate the technological challenges of industry 4.0; and capacity to adopt new 21st century approaches that increase the sustainability, efficiency and productivity of local companies.

We apply this strategic intelligence to support local companies diversify into the rapidly expanding Assistive Technology market.Customised results will be generated through the use of WinningClustersLive; advanced data analytics, visualisation and mapping technologies developed by Rodin Genoff & Associates.

Australian First

This project is an Australian first for the Assistive Technology sector. Results will be showcased to the Federal and State Governments as part of a funding campaign to support the future development of the Assistive Technology cluster, and its member companies.

Assistive Technology Cluster Management Framework Assistive Technology Cluster Management Framework (1104 KB)

Winning Contracts

WinningClustersLive generates strategic intelligence that accelerates new investment and start-up opportunities by:

  • Analysing business performance to optimise business collaboration.
  • Pinpointing business synergies and networks that can fast track joint-venture formation.
  • Developing new circular economic business models.
  • Activating co-creation opportunities to increase Australian made and designed products, and improve the lives of people with disabilities.

For more information please download the project brochure below. And feel free to contact Rodin Genoff at

Assistive Technology Northern Melbourne Assistive Technology Northern Melbourne (1684 KB)

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