Eastern Region of Adelaide concentrates creative class


This project was undertaken for the Eastern Regional Alliance of Councils in Adelaide South Australia.

Using Richard Florida’s definition of the creative class, we showed that Adelaide’s creative class was concentrated in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

Extract from the report: Creative Collaborations. ERA of Hard Profits April 2012.

Much of Adelaide’s creative class is in fact concentrated in the Eastern Region of Councils.

This is just one of the reasons why, these councils hinge the energy of Adelaide’s CDB to the industrial and innovative muscle of Northern Adelaide and in turn  the “lifestyle” south as coined by former thinker in residence and city’s guru Charles Landry.

Think: medical and biotechnology, laboratory testing services, engineering, design and service organisations from business, property and accounting; all clustered on Greenhill Road alone.

Combine this with the Uni SA Magill Campus and some of Australia’s leading industrial and furniture designers on Magill Road and the clothing, fashion and graphic designers of Norwood.  Not to mention gourmet food producers that provide products to Australia’s leading restaurants. These cluster dynamics are captured in Exhibit Two.

So who said the “Eastern suburbs were boring!”

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