50 million Danish Kroner (AUS$11 million) for Business Networking and Cluster Program

Due to the success of the pilot Business Networking and Cluster program facilitated by Rodin Genoff, the Central Denmark Region has further committed another 50 million dkk to roll out the program. The program aims to upskill government economic development officers and private sector consultants on how to develop new business networks, joint ventures and partnerships for businesses in the Central Denmark Region.

The successful pilot and its results were then published in Engineering the Future, by Genoff and Sheather (2010). The program was so well received, the Chairman of the Regional Council, Bent Hansen, Viborg, Central Denmark Region, expressed his appreciation with the following extract from the book:

“In our forthcoming Central Denmark business development strategy we set out to be globally competitive – among the most efficient and innovative regions in Europe.
This programme has been built largely on the methods, recommendations and practical insights drawn from this important and practically grounded cluster study ...Engineering the Future ... the study and project [prepared and undertaken by Rodin Genoff & Associates] has become an important foundation for the further development of Central Denmark Region’s strategic approach to cluster development. 50 million dkk has been committed to funding the region’s business networking programme to continue the work outlined in this [approach].

In Central Denmark, we take pride in being open to ideas and new ways of thinking and seeking to continuously learn from other countries and regions. In developing such a dialogue and cooperation, we could not have found more obvious partners to explore industry led bottom-up methods of cluster development and in building strategic business networks than Rodin Genoff & Associates.”

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